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Marie Arce 

Antioch City Council 

District 3

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Marie Arce For Antioch City Council District 3

In 2017, our family made the decision to move back to Antioch to be near family and friends during our 5-year old daughter's cancer treatment. Growing up in Antioch and being an Antioch High Alumni has been a source of pride for me.

After our daughter passed away in September 2018, I was appointed to the City of Antioch’s Parks and Recreation Commission. I serve as the Commission Chair and participated in the Community Grant Review sub-committee.

Serving our community to create safe, clean, and pleasant parks, for all Antioch residents is something I am passionate about.

Leveraging my ten-years’ experience in Non-profit Finance Administration, I will collaborate with organizations, including government, private, and non-profit to find resolutions to issues that have been impacting our community.

Improving Antioch requires the following:  

Enhancing economic opportunity, by developing 21st century solutions to 21st century issues; such as upgrading existing infrastructure for the work at home sector and small businesses, attracting well-paying jobs in the contact center, medical and education sectors.

Reducing violent and property crime by providing the necessary resources to the police to enforce the City’s laws using 21st century police practices.

Improving the City’s appearance by cleaning up trash and reducing property and shopping center blight, through the creation of anti-blight civic codes.

Creating a compassionate and reasonable solution to reduce homelessness in our community.

I hope to earn your vote, to continue to serve our great community and lead the City of Antioch into the future. 

Together, we can build a better community! 

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