Small Business

  • Expand on the recent small business grant program recently approved to assist our small businesses in Antioch. As we start thinking about a post-covid-19 future we will need to develop solutions that will help our businesses keep their doors open and employees employed.  

  • Create tax incentives for small businesses to hire employees from Antioch. 

  • Partner with our agencies within Antioch to strengthen the communication and access to information; such as loans and grants. 

  • Build a relationship between our city and local small businesses to create career training and opportunities for our young adults. 

Antioch small business owners are our neighbors, friends, family, and fellow residents and we must support them. I want our city to truly reflect our manta that, "Opportunity Lives Here" by creating an environment that supports and encourages small businesses to start and flourish. 

Taxpayer Accountability

  • Make certain that taxpayer monies are spent responsibly, transparently and with cost consciousness. 

  • Ensure that "Measure W" is used to fund police services as voted for by the Antioch residents. 

  • Work with staff to develop easily digestible financials for all residents to access. 

  • All contracts and agreements made by the city of Antioch will be viewed thoroughly, with immediate and long term cost to taxpayers at the forefront to ensure adequate long term budgeting. 

  • Ensure our tax dollars improve livability in Antioch.


  • Provide code enforcement with the tools they need to implement our current civic codes and expand blight enforcement. 

  • Establishing more punitive fines and liens for illegal dumping, littering, and unsightly shopping centers. ​